We look forward to having our building finished at the Lake Vermilion Cultural Center (LVCC) so that we can present future programs there. Our mission statement is:  “The LVCC…is dedicated to community enrichment through education and the arts by offering quality programming and providing opportunities to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the area”.

In reviewing our programs over the years the LVCC has sponsored and presented an impressive list of events (there are 45 programs on this list though the summer of 2022), including but not limited to:  (CLICK ON YEAR TO VIEW)


First Midsummer Gala: featuring British Heritage with Midsummer Singers.

  • Dylan Thomas’ “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” – Professor William Kimes and Al Reller
  • Midsummer Gala: featuring Shakespeare Turned Broadway with Midsummer Singers
  • Visit from fifteen Swedish teachers who shared their Midsummer traditions 
  • History and Restoration of Leaded Glass Windows by John Bowe
  • Kenneth Grahame’s “Wind in the Willows” – Professor William Kimes and Janice Kimes
  • “The Legend of Tristan and Isolde” – Professor Stephanie Van d’Elden
  • Midsummer Gala: Sound of Music and German, Austrian, and Slovenian music: featuring the Midsummer Singers and Johnny Sniderich and the Bohunks
  • Club Car luncheons, history of high tea in England
  • Midsummer Gala: featuring Italy, the Midsummer Singers, and the I Cantatori Singers.
  • Educational program featuring Laura Ferguson and the U.S. Forest Service
  • “Red Wing Pottery Collection” presented by Larry Peterson
  • Lecture Series: “Early Child Development and the Over-Indulged Child” presented by Professor Carole Gesme
  • Educational Program: Whistleblower presentation by retired FBI Agent Jane Turner
  • Midsummer Gala: featuring Finland, the Midsummer Singers, the Finn Hall band, including an International Bazaar with Educational Programs:
    • National Merit scholar Ingrid Goetz presenting the Kalevala Saga
    • Professor Ken Lahti presenting The Finnish Miracle  
    • Professors Jo Ann Hanson and Pam Brunfelt discussing the history of Finn Swedes and the impact of Finnish Miners on the Iron Range
  • March visit in Arizona by 15 Swedish teachers. LVCC Board members arranged home stays and visits to local schools presenting American Education in the Southwest
  • Author Mary Lou Sanelli speaking on her book, Among Friends, in the historic club car in Tower.
  • Midsummer Gala: featuring France, the Voyageurs and Native Americans with the Midsummer Singers and educational Programs:
    • Author William Durbin speaking on fur trading from the viewpoint of the Voyageurs
    • Bill Latady, curator at Bois Forte Museum, speaking on fur trading from the viewpoint of Bois Forte Ojibwe
    • Jamie Brennan and Molly Olson of the Ely Folk School, speaking on “Northwoods Skills Past and Present” 
  • Educational Program, author Lindsay Hardin Freeman speaking on her New York Times Best selling book “Bible Women, What They Had to Say and Why It’s Important”
  • Began co-hosting annual Lights of Love with Vergie Hegg Hospice including musical program with choir and handbells during the holidays.
  • Rosemaling retreat
  • Educational program, Deb Rieck speaking on living in South Sudan and Kenya
  • Midsummer Gala: “Seasons of Broadway” with the Midsummer Singers and guest artist violinist Nicolas Mercure
  • LVCC benefit tour to Switzerland, France and Iceland
  • Educational program, Dr. Jennifer Norbert-Lopez speaking on Lyme disease with panel discussion
  • “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” dinner at Vermilion Park Inn featuring Professor William Kimes
  • Lights of Love holiday music event
  • Midsummer Gala: “A Minnesota Midsummer” featuring the Midsummer Singers, directed and narrated by Janice Kimes.
  • Art on the Lake, pop-up art show
  • Wine and Watercolor art class led by artist Linda Smith
  • LVCC benefit tour to Great Britain and Ireland
  • Lights of Love holiday music event
  • Midsummer Gala “An American Songbook” with the Midsummer Singers and guest artist Deborah Prutsman directed and narrated by Janice Kimes
  • Educational Program: “Guatemala Missions and Adventures” with 7 local residents who had been on mission trips to Guatemala with 5 organizations.
  • 2nd Wine and Watercolor art class led by artist Linda Smith.
  • Lights of Love holiday music event

As we all know this was a hard year due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We were able to host our first Zoom program.

  • “A Conversation with Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, Margaret Chutich”
  • Educational Program: “Suicide Prevention and Support: How Can I Make a Difference?” Led by Ilene Rice, Retired Marriage and Family Therapist on March 28 on Zoom.
  • “Art on the Lake” Show and Gala. This was the first event to be held inside the cultural center on July 23 and 24. It was held in the Halunen Lobby.

Other programs had to be canceled due to COVID restrictions.

  • Ukrainian Easter egg painting class
  • “Midsummer in Norway” with the Midsummer Singers and guest artists. First program to be held in St. Mary’s Hall
  • Program by a local vocal octet, “The Sectionals” in St. Mary’s Hall
  • Wine and Watercolor art class led by artist Linda Smith
  • LVCC benefit tour to the Nordic Countries (Finland, Sweden, and Norway)
  • Triple-header Program: Speech by Iron Range historian Pam Brunfelt on the Sleeping Giant: the ethnic heritage and history of mining on the Iron Range, another concert by “The Sectionals” and an ethnic potluck
  • Hosted the Tower-Soudan Singers for Christmas Caroling

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