With Thanks to Our 2019 Donors

Stephen Abrahamson

Kent Adams

Mark Adams

Stephen and Denise Adams

Gordon Amundson

Vernon and Joanne Amundson

Cathy and Doug Anderson

Greg Anderson

Rolf and Laurie Anderson

Paul and Theresa Anthony

Tom and Renee Aro

Ryan and Linda Bajan

Barbara Baldrica

Gary and Bobbie Batinich

Mary Batinich

Kathy Boyer

Susan Baysden

Cheryl and Tim Bischof

Peter Blaylock

Dennis and Judy Boeddeker

Sally and Frank Bowser

Jennifer and Patrick Boyle

Pat Brascugli

Peggy Brenden

Norene and Roger Butalla

Jody C. Bystrom

Marco and Marta Chincilla

Margaret Clancy

JoAnne Connell

Tom and Terry Cooney

David Desannoy

Linda Dicasmirro

Don and Rita Dick

Gregory and Joan Dostert

Rob and Joan Ecklund

Celia Ellingson

Susan Ellis

Donald and Sandra Erickson

Nancy Ernst

Robert Fanter

Catherine and David Farley

Ann Flannagan

Tom and Denise Forconi

Barbara Forster

James Galonski

Gary and Louise Gately

Carole Gesme

Francisco Gonzalez

Diane Grigal

Bonnie Grosshauer

Clayton Halunen

JoAnne Halunen

Kay and Richard Hanson

Irene Hartfield

Terry and Leone Hartikka

Joan Hatelstad

Gary and Linda Haugen

Renee Holloway

Julie Hooper

Pauly Housenga

Al and Florette Hujanen

Michael and Bergetta Indihar

Betty and Willis Irons

Penny Jackson

Dan and Jane Johns

Carolyn Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Karen and Mark Johnson

Peter and Colette Johnson

Bob and Colleen Junnila

John Kenworthy

Leslie Kimes

Thomas Kitto

Robert Kivela

Gary Knuth

Susan Knutson

Orlyn and Marit Kringstad

Linda Kronholm

Jack Kuehn Jr.

Francis Lahti

Daryl and Cheryl Lamppa

Richard and Ellie Larmouth

Nancy Larson

Valerie Leciejewski

Charles and Anne Leck

Sharon Legg

Jerry and Colleen Lepper

Leigh Lillquist

Julie Luczak

Robin Majerle

Jack and Gerri Makela

Brian Maki

Margaret Maki

James Marttila and Katherine 


Dorothy Matzke

Mark and Miley Mayne

Lois Mayo

Rosemary and Al Mazion

Ginny McBride

Peter and Elaine McGillivray

Erin McGillivray

Jennifer Merhar


Carolyn Miner

Marcella Moe

Joan Mueller

Jenny and Dave Munzbergs

Network For Good

Jim and Carol O’Conner


Mark Peil

Dan and Becky Peterson

Richard Peyla

Mark and Patricia Phillips

M. Zoe Planton

Debbie Prutsman

Robert Ramsdell

Grace Ravnikar

Deborah and Gerald Rieck

Jack Roddy

Kay Ryan

Stephen and Sharli 


Lynn and Muriel Scott

Thomas M. Shersha

Mary Shedd and Steve Wilson

Mark and Mary Sigmond

Catherine Sill

Kathy and Frank Siskar

Bunky and Virginia Skarich

David Smith

Thomas Smith

Jeffrey and Linda Smith

Linda Solyntjes in memory of David F. Bolka

Scarlet Stone

Marcia Stout

Jodi Summit and Marshall 


Dianna and Terry Sunsdahl

Gail Swor

Mary Tamte-Wildes

Faye Tekautz

Anna Thompson

Teresa McCue Thompson

Tower-Soudan Agency

Tower-Soudan Civic Club

Lee and Greta Tuominen

John and Sally Turk

Sigurd and Sissy Ueland

John and Pat Urick

Terry and Scott Vagle

Vanguard Charitable Trust

Shelby Vaske

Jean Virant

Kern and Mary Walker

Martin and Katie Walsh

Christine Walters

Debra Warner

Ann Waugh

Marcia Wegleitner

Marilyn Wiebe

Joan and Bob Wilson

Karel and Brenda Winkelaar

Douglas Workman

Cathy and Jim Wright

M. J. Yapel

Jaynee and John Yocum

Jane Zatechka

Rosemary and Earl 



In-Kind Donations 2019

The LVCC thanks the generosity of the following individuals and businesses that provided support through in-kind donations:

Andrew’s Cameras

ARI- Amanda Isaacs 

and Mark Wirtanen

Ryan and Linda Bajan

Mary Batinich

Julie Baxley

Broten Construction

Canelake’s Candies

City of Tower

Jean Cole

Susan Ellis

Donald and Sandra Erickson

Finland House

Fortune Bay Resort Casino

Gary and Louise Gately

Gator and Mermaid, LLC

Good Ol’ Days

H&B Limited

Terry Hartikka

Gary and Linda Haugen

Hometown Focus

Bergetta Indihar

Insula Restaurant

Janice Kimes

Kekekabic Studios

Lake Vermilion Houseboats

Nancy Larson

George Leupold

Gary Knuth/Tech Electric

Rod Lundstrom

Mesabi Daily News

James Marttila and 

Kathleen Meyerle

Peter and Elaine McGillivray

Minnesota Wild 

Nordic Home North

Northern Divide Restaurant

Northern Lights Music 

Festival/Barb Baldrica

Dan and Cheri Osborn

Randy Semo

Range Plumbing & Heating/Craig Walli and Chris Isaacs

Larry Reynolds

Rollin’ Stones T-Shirts

Rozella’s Rack

Shoes & Things

Linda Smith

St. James Presbyterian Church

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 

Scarlet and Bill Stone

Sulu’s Espresso Cafe

Teresa McCue Thompson

Timberjay Newspapers

The Tower News

The Vermilion Club

Vermilion Park Inn

Shelby Vaske

Seppi Brothers 

Concrete Products

Wilderness Golf Course

Wayne Wilberg

Charlie Winger and Sons

Woods & Waters, LLC

Douglas Workman

Jaynee and John Yocum

Rosie and Earl Zimmerman

Zup’s Food Market, Tower 

Dear friends of LVCC

We try to be as thorough as possible with compiling our annual list of donors. However, if we missed or misspelled your name please let us know by calling 218.753.4100 so we can add or update your name in future publications.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

I wish to contribute to the exciting restoration of St. Mary’s Hall and the building of the new Lake Vermilion Cultural Center.  You may donate with your credit card or send in a check using the handy form below by clicking Offline Donation.

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