With Thanks to Our 2017 Donors

Steve Abrahamson
Gary Aamodt and Celia Ellingson Dr. Vernon and Joanne Amundsen Rolf and Laurie Anderson Michael and Sandy Anderson Michele Anderson
Paul and Theresa Anthony
Tom and Renee Aro
Lawrence Arthur
Maxine Arvilla
Gary and Roberta Batinich
Mary Batinich
Sue Baysden
Inez Bergquist
Timothy and Cheryl Bischof Shirley and Dale Braddock
Tom Burns and Toni Genalo Noreen and Roger Butalla JoAnne Connell
Debbie Cooper
Shirley Cotton
Art Dale
Marion Dale
Linda and Bobby Dicasmirro Don and Rita Dick
Henry Dougherty
Trish and Lyn Ellingson
Renee Emerson
Nancy Ernst
Pamela and Vic Fabiano
Laura Ferguson
Barbara Forster
Frandsen Bank
Gary and Louise Gately
Carole Gesme
Marlene Gillespie
Greenstone Landscaping
Laurel Grose
Clayton Halunen and

David Duddingston Don and Joanne Halunen John and Mary Hanson Richard and Kay Hanson Joan and Mike Hatlestad Linda and Gary Haugen Susan Haugen

Jim and Barbara Heuer Mel and Ellen Hintz Renee Holloway
John and Amy Holmes LeRoy Holmes

Julie Hooper
Pauly Housenga
Al and Florette Hujanen
Bergetta and Mike Indihar
Betty and Willis Irons
Ann and Bill Jack
Mardy Jackson
Dan and Jane Johns
Janelle Johnson
Dawn Halunen Johnson
Mark and Karen Johnson
Dr. Bob and Colleen Junilla
K Foundation (Jane Carson)
Linda Keith
Jan and Bill Kimes
Richard and Sandra Kitto
Gary Knuth
Orlyn and Marit Kringstad
Linda Kronholm
Jack and Andrea Kuehn Jr.
Joseph LaForte and Randy Winkler Jan and Gene Larson
Nancy Larson
Karen Liliquist
Leigh Lillquist
Shirley London
Vicki and Gary Lubben
Jack and Gerri Makela
James Marttila and Kathleen Meyerle Miley and Mark Mayne
Rose Mazion
Virginia McBride
Peter and Elaine McGillivray Kelly Mencel
Carolyn and Gary Miner
Joan Mueller
Cindy Myre
Eric and Carol Norberg
Jim and Carol O’Connor O’Connor Family Foundation Cheri and Dan Osborn

Becky and Dan Peterson Mark and Patty Phillips Kate Piper
Sonja and Joe Plantz Rob Ramsdell

Larry Reynolds
Tom Rukavina
Rick and Joanne Sathre Stephen and Sharli Schaitberger Marion Sederstrom
Dale and Sharon Severson Mary Shedd and Steve Wilson Barbara Sill
Kathy and Frank Siskar
Bunky and Virginia Skarich Brent and Mary Alice Slick Marilyn Smith
Thomas and Jill Smith
Lila Smolich
Philip and Claudine Solseng Marcia and John Stout
Jodi Summit and

Marshall Helmberger Vince and Carol Svaldi Tower Soudan Agency Jane Turner

Linda Turner
Lee and Greta Tuominen
Sig and Sissy Ueland
Vanguard Trust
Shelby Vaske
Brigitte Von Haken
Heather Walker
Kern and Mary Walker
Katie and Marty Walsh
Debra Warner and Ed Williams Will and Ann Waugh
Michael and Marilyn Weibe
Jon and Minh Wendt
Bob and Joan Wilson
Brenda and Karel Winkelaar Doug Workman
Cathy and Jim Wright
Marion Zaudtke
Earl and Rosemary Zimmerman

With thanks to the following businesses and organizations for their in-kind donations:

City of Tower

Gator and Mermaid LLC

Gold Mine Antiques

Good Ol’ Days

Greenwood Township

Halunen Law

H&B Ltd

Hometown Focus

Insula Restaurant

Kekekabic Studios

The Ledge Liquor Store

Mesabi Daily News

Nordic Home North

Rollin’ Stones T-Shirts

St. James Presbyterian Church

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Sulu’s Espresso Cafe

Tower-Soudan Elementary School

Vermilion Club

Vermilion Park Inn

Wilderness Golf Course

Timberjay Newspapers

The Tower News

Zup’s Food Market

Whitfield and Eddy, PLC

And, special thanks to our anonymous donor

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Thank you for your kind understanding.


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