With Thanks to Our 2020 Donors

Joyce Christine Alt

Dr. Vernon Amundson

Laura & Rolf Anderson

Thomas & Renee Aro

Barbara Baldrica

Elaine Barber

Mary Batinich

Julie Baxley

Barbara Bianconi

Cheryl Bischof

Corinne Bonicatto

Kathy Boyer

Jennifer Boyle

Pam Brunfelt

Norene & Roger Butalla

Clayton Halunen

Jan  & Dick Dougherty

Alison Edgerton

Sue Ellis

Donald & Sandra Erickson

Gerald & Kay Erickson

Nancy Ernst

Mary Fanter

Catherine & David Farley

Ann Flannagan

Barbara  Forster

Lindsay Freeman

James  Galonski

Toni Genalo & Tom Burns

Bruce Gerrara

Francisco  Diez Gonzalez

Joann  & Don Halunen

Richard and Kay Hanson

Sheila Hatch

Linda & Gary Haugen

Pauline Housenga

Florette & Al Hujanen

Bergetta & Michael Indihar

John and Lisa Kenworthy

Richard  Kitto

Audrey Kohlhase

Kay  Kretsch

Linda Kronholm

Margaret Kurtz

Cheryl   Lamppa

Nancy    Larson

Anne and Charles Leck

Janis & Pete Lee

Robert (Jerry) & Colleen Lepper

Luanne Lescarbeau

Leigh Lillquist

James Marttila & Kathleen Meyerle

Rosemary Mazion

Virginia McBride

Charles McCarthy

Greg McEwen

Peter & Elaine McGillivray

Erin McGillivray

Joan Mueller

Bonnie Murphy

Carol & Jim O’Connor

Joy Orlich

Daniel & Rebecca  Peterson


Mark & Patty Phillips

Kate Piper

Frank & Zoe Planton

Susan Rawlings-Baysden

Rob Ramsdell

Larry Reynolds

Dorothy  Richmond

Jack Roddy

James & Kay Ryan

Rev. Stephen & Sharli Schaitberger

Lynn & Muriel Scott

Thomas  Sersha

Mary Shedd & Steve Wilson

Virginia & Bunky Skarich

Jeffrey & Linda Smith

Tom & Jill Smith

Rev. T. James Snodgrass

Mary St. Onge   

Jodi Summit & Marshall Helmberger

Terry & Dianna Sunsdahl

Teresa Ann Thompson

Holly Thornton

Lee & Greta Tuominen

Sigurd & Harriet Ueland

Terry & Scott Vagle

Vermilion Park Inn

Jill Wagoner

Mary & Kern Walker

Debora Walsh

Katie & Marty Walsh

Pamela Webster

Jon Wendt

Mary Williams

Joan & Bob Wilson

Cathy & Jim Wright

Jaynee & John Yocum

Rosemary Zimmerman

Good Ol’ Days   

Network for Good           

Peil Charitable Trust

Sundell Eye Associates

T-S Insurance Agency   

I wish to contribute to the exciting restoration of St. Mary’s Hall and the building of the new Lake Vermilion Cultural Center.  You may donate with your credit card or send in a check using the handy form below by clicking Offline Donation.

Dear friends of LVCC

We try to be as thorough as possible with compiling our annual list of donors. However, if we missed or misspelled your name please let us know by contacting us so we can add or update your name in future publications.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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