James Marttila – In Memoriam

Feb 12, 2024 | In Memoriam, LVCC News | 0 comments

James Marttila, PharmD (for Doctor of Pharmacy), was a Trustee of the Lake Vermilion Cultural Center for many years and held the offices of Treasurer and President. His organizational skills benefited us in many ways, and he will be greatly missed. He and his wife, Kathy Meyerle have participated in many of our events over the years and have been extremely generous patrons. We are touched that Kathy and family have chosen to have his memorials continue to benefit our organization and facility in Tower, MN.
These gifts fitting in many ways but one is particularly touching to us. Because Jim’s mother was a WWII war bride from England, the Martillas were prominent members and leaders of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Tower where Jim was an Acolyte. He told many delightful stories of days past when the current St. Mary’s Hall of the LVCC was St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Our deepest condolences to Kathy Meyerle, Andrew Marttila and sister Anne Wiermaa, and father-in-law, Andy Meyerle. In addition, we send condolences to his sister-in-law and brother-in-law Elaine and Robert Shannon who are also generous patrons of the LVCC.


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