Nothin’ Better Than Time in Minnesota – Deb Prutsman

Dec 9, 2023 | LVCC News | 0 comments

I went to Minnesota, my Mama’s home, twice before she died. Once when I was too small to remember, the second
in 2003 to celebrate the centennial of her hometown, Northome. Since her death, I have visited countless times to
experience the magic, splendor, joy, and genuine goodness that IS Minnesota. Every time I visit,
the craziness of California life melts away and the beauty of both landscape and people fill my
soul to overflowing.

And I wonder…Do you all know what you have? Can you still appreciate
how incredible this place is? I always get that sense that you DO, and you are so willing to share
it. You fill me with giggles and delight, telling stories of times past and sharing the goodness of
the present. Thank you! Thank you for always welcoming me with open arms and giving me just a
glimpse of what Mama knew and loved. Minnesota is paradise and now feels more like home
than California ever has. Thank you for that gift! I thoroughly enjoyed my two feature roles in
past Midsummers and hope to join you again in the future.


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