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Summer Plans 2019

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With the help of our generous donors, work has begun on the east end, or apse, of the LVCC. H&B Limited LLC is to complete the roof-to-ground renovation of the three distinct east end panels this summer. During this phase, the east end will have the roofing and siding removed and replaced, the dormers refinished, the basement windows and siding installed, and the stained glass windows installed.

It is the first work on the exterior of the original structure and will give all a glimpse at the end of the entire building project. As we proceed with the exterior, please contact us (by calling Ryan Bajan at 218-260-4403) if you are interested in volunteering to remove siding and other aspects of prepping the main exterior for refinishing. Please stop by and check out the east end work, scheduled to begin in the next few weeks! If you drive through the alley behind the building, you will see our progress. The next phase will be finishing the roof.

Funds continue to be raised for this phase. Please contribute by attending the Midsummer Gala on June 22 or mailing a contribution or by clicking the Donate button on this site. Thanks again, to the IRRR and our previous and future donors!

North view showing work currently underway

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